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Conditions of Use

All deliveries are subject to the terms and conditions described below Any exemption must be made in writing and expressly adopted by Telecompu.

1. Except opposite and well-marked entry, every order implies the acceptance of our terms and conditions by the customer and the denial of his own buying and selling conditions.

2. The agreed delivery applies only to goods in stock In all cases, the delivery only is an indication and is not binding, the buyer doesn't has any rights to compensation, even the termination and rescission of the contract requirements if the deadlines are not respected .

3. Our quotations are free and are made without commitment.

4. Delivery is to the seller, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5 Telecompu provides a legal guarantee of two years, to manufacturing faults or defects in the material of the goods and their elements and is limited to the repair or replacement thereof. Only if repair or replacement is excessive or impossible or can not be performed within a reasonable time, you have the right to a price reduction or termination of the sales contract. When it comes to a small defect, you can not demand the dissolution of the contract!
The buyer must lack a letter or notify us via the website from its discovery and the goods or keep their defective elements for inspection or shipping teachings: in no case it may return the goods without prior permission Telecompu. The merits of the application for deposit shall be left to the discretion of Telecompu. The grounds for rejecting the request are always communicated. In case of unjustified complaint to investigate or repair the investigation and repair costs to the buyers may be charged
Are not covered by the warranty and are borne by the buyer:. Repairs and replacements triggered by: -The
with the requirements of the user not corresponding use of the goods.
-The treatment or use of goods, other than generally considered normal manner.
-The repairs or replacement of parts or pieces by persons not authorized or appointed by Telecompu.
guarantee commitment by Telecompu undertaken under this Article are subject to a strict interpretation, they conclude any other story than what is provided, in particular a claim for damages against Telecompu or any related company or entity.
Each supplied software and custom-written program is not covered by warranty and can not lead to any claim. In any form whatsoever for any consequences by the full or partial use of it.

6. The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries.

7. The Customer has the right to waive the purchase without penalty and this 14 days from the day of delivery. This right does not apply to assembled systems and products such as software protected by copyright.

8. The goods always travel at expense and risk of the purchaser, regardless of the person who perceives transport and on whose instructions too. Additional costs of emergency dispatch are also always be borne by the buyer. Delivery is subject to the going rate.

9. Unless otherwise by contractual decisions, our invoices must be payed within 8 days after the invoice date. Cheques, Only cash payments, transfers and other electronic payments made ??available by us are valid

10. To be valid, any complaint must be lodged within 8 days after delivery by registered mail if not it shall be considered null and void.

11. Sending the invoice shall be treated as a notice for payment in good and valid form. By default, the unpaid balance shall automatically and without further notice, at once, and immediately become due and payable, and bear an interest of 2% per month. In addition, the seller shall be entitled, an additional amount equal to 10% of the unpaid balance, with a minimum of 37 Euro, to require by way of liquidated damages expressly agreed between the parties.

12. Notwithstanding Article 1583 Civil Code remains Telecompu owner until the date of full payment of principal and / or interest and / or lump sum. This gives the buyer to the seller contract of all sums still owed to third parties to report. The buyer releases the seller of any formality of service and will bear all costs in this regard. It provides the buyer to the seller, the right to collect the supplied the material at any time wherever it may be.Insofar as necessary authorizes the buyer to the seller to go within places occupied by the buyer

13. The fact that the buyer did not receive our terms and conditions in his mother tongue, does not relieve him of their application.

14. All stipulations be interpreted in favor of Telecompu, the seller.

15. As a seller means Telecompu, as buyer's customer.

16. Any dispute which can develop between two parties can be settled exclusively by the court of Mechelen, for both national and international transactions.



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