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How to order


The fastest and easiest way to order is through our webshop. Proceed as follows:

You can order the article by filling in the number , then click the 'add to cart' button. If you have all the items you wish to order in your order in your cart, click on "Checkout" button to checkout.
If you wish, you can immediately see an estimate of the possible transports costs .

If you wish, you can directly checkout with PayPal through the "check out with PayPal" button.
You will be redirected to our site in order to proceed with the purchase process further see step 1

All information needed to log in, to order contact etc., going over a secure connection to our server. So you can be sure that this information can not be intercepted.

Signup customer

You will then be asked to log in if you are not already logged.
New customers can fill out their name, address and password using the form which is now open.
Existing customers can log in with their email address and password. Then you get to Step 1.

Step 1

In Step 1, choose the shipping method you want to use. If applicable, you can choose from several shipping methods, or you can choose to pick up your order.
Check out the delivery address. If you are satisfied with the chosen shipping method, then click on "Continue with Checkout" button to proceed.

Step 2

Then you get to Step 2. In this step, read our Terms and Conditions and accept to be able to order further. If you agree with our Terms and Conditions check the box.
Then you choose in this step the desired method of payment. Also you can change your billing address if you want.
Depending on your shipping method, there are several payment methods. Choose the payment method you wish to use and then click the 'continue' button to go to Step 3
(ps It may happen that you can not change the payment method for instance shipping is only possible if you pay in advance).

Step 3

In this step, you will see an overview of your order. Please check out the following:

- your shipping address and shipping
- Your shipping and payment.
- The ordered items

If all is ok, please confirm your order by pressing on the "Confirm Order" button.
Pay attention! with this action the order can not be modified and you can no longer add more items to this order.
If applicable, you are redirected to the payment page. You will receive an email confirmation of the order in which all other relevant information are for further handling.

-Order without customer account

If you wish to order without creating a customer account you can follow following method.
The order goes in 5 steps, similar to those described above ..

Step 1: Billing information

- Enter the data for invoicing.

Stap 2: Shipping

- Select shipping or pick-up of goods (Same as step 1 previous method).

Step 3: Payment

- Choose one of the available payment methods. More info see below "Payment Options".

Step 4: Overview

- Overview of your order. Check the data and adjust if necessary (same as step 3 previous method).
After confirmation, the order is final it can then no longer be customized by you. -

Step 5: Completion

Your order is now complete. You will receive a confirmation email in which the necessary explanations for further handling of the order, payment details and any tracking of the shipment if applicable are explained.


If you wish, you can make an appointment with us to discuss the best solution for you.


phone (after 18h 015/25.70.79) or by mail (

Payment options:

- Cash on collection:
If you want to collect the goods, you have to pay cash or payment in advance. We do not have a payment terminal!

- Payment in advance:
Goods who needs to be sent, should always be payed in advance.
This can be done by transferring the amount to our account..
To complete the payment, you'll get all the information (account number, etc.) by e-mail
The order will be delivered, when the amount is on our account.

- Bankcontact/Mister Cash:
The payment is almost immediately. You will be redirected to a secure payment site where you can complete the payment. After payment, the goods shipped by us.

- PayPal:
You can make secure payments with PayPal. You will be immediately redirected to the PayPal website. You can login with your PayPal account or create a new account and confirm the payment. When we receive the payment the goods are shipped. It usually takes only a few minutes before we have receive payment

Modification or cancellation:

If you wish to change or cancel an order, you can always do this, as long as the order is not sent, by mail to our customer service
If the order has already been shipped or picked up, please follow the RMA procedure, as explained on our RMA page.

If you have any questions about this or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by our contact page or email us

Happy shopping!



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