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Parrot BeBop Drone + Skycontroller Geel


An intense flying experience

Install and connect your smartphone or tablet and synchronize your Bebop Drone and wifi thanks to the Free Flight app 3. Or use the Skycontroller as autonomous remote control.

High-precision joysticks and joypads

Send the Bebop Drone via the two high-precision joysticks
The joypad right corner, the angle of the camera 180° set to be
The top left joypad to navigate through the application of FPV

An even greater flight range

The Skycontroller has a dual wifi connection Skycontroller offers excellent connections with delay reduction. Skycontroller is safe and suitable for long flights
Take advantage of the specially developed Bebop wifi® -Compound, now suitable for both a short and a long-distance connection via Wi-Fi® with maximum compatibility with tablet and smartphone.
The range of Bebop Drone is hereby extended to 2 km *

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four new ways to control your Parrot Drone Bebop with Skycontroller!

1.Control the Bebop Drone just with the Skycontroller and take advantage of a larger wifi®-range

2.Control the Drone with the Skycontroller and the smartphone or tablet (not included) and benefit from more control with the dedicated WiFi connection for short distances.

3. Board Bebop Drone with the Skycontroller and connected to the HDMI port FPV glasses (not included), and enjoy using FPV streaming video of the Bebop Drone camera supported by flight data (distance, altitude, heading, horizon control, battery power and many more)

4. Board Bebop Drone with Skycontroller, FPV glasses (not included) and a smartphone or a tablet (not included) and enjoy an even more intense flying experience. Enjoy together with your flying experience by sharing the video stream of the Bebop Drone with friends via your smartphone or tablet!

An intense flying experience

We would like to offer a complete pilots FPV experience. Free Flight 3 App and Skycontroller are currently compatible with FPV goggles with HDMI connection, such as the Zeiss Cinemizer or the Sony Personal Viewer.
And soon for more glasses!

Look through the eyes of the drone

Send Using Skycontroller Bebop Drone with two high precision joysticks. Operate the directional angle fisheye camera (180°) with a single path, and simply change the viewing angle of the camera


A folding blinds, a neckband and more

The supplied collapsible awning
- provides an intense experience of the flight
- prevents annoying sunlight on your controller
- allows you quick access to keep your tablet without you need to remove the awning
- the awning is foldable and easy to carry for each session
- foldable, allowing you to easily inside the tablet as you go to change spot decision
- Suitable for all tablet sizes (there is also provided an adapter for a phablet) and can be used even without the Skycontroller
In the box you will find a high-quality neck strap, making the Skycontroller remains well balanced on your shoulders. That means less effort. You remain focused on the control.
For an even longer flight experience includes packaging also three batteries and one charger. Additionally, the package contains a plastic adapter for tablet models differ.

Advanced GPS Functions

The pilot receives while flying real time data, so that he can fly more precise. The flight data is crucial, especially when one thinks of the quality of the Bebop Drone which is fantastic thanks to the unique stabilization on three axes.
The head-up display shows all the necessary information so that the controller is easier and the pilot tones can receive. Includes: Where is my Bebop Drone, which is the drone itself from my position, at which distance and at what altitude flying the drone, as well as management horizon


Return Home

Thanks to the built-in GPS Bebop Drone comes back automatically, or via a simple push of a button easily accessible to the pilot. Thanks to your GPS drone can still be accurately pinpointed. You remain focused on the control.

Completely customizable

The Skycontroller works with Android and the Free Flight app is three standard ISOLATED.
Parrot installed software is open source software, allowing developers to extend the functionality of the Skycontroller. You can connect to your liking via USB peripherals to expand your control capabilities even further.
Example, you can place another kind wifi antenna for a more personal flight experience!
All the smartphones and tablets that work with the Free Flight 3 app are compatible with the Skycontroller. Thanks to an adjustable docking station can be tablets to 10.6 inches diagonal 4: 3 and 20 cm 16: 9 connect

ISOLATED integrated GPS antenna
Compatible with Glonass
Expansion via HDMI (for FPV glasses)
USB: usage options (sensors)
Micro USB: for updates
MCX: micro-coax plug
Wifi and transmission
Short distance : network access for easy connection to a compatible smartphone
Long Haul:
- Range up to 2 km from the video signal in an open environment
- WiFi 802.11n 2.4 GHz and 5 to 36dBm - two dual-band MIMO antennas with high efficiency
Channels : from 11 to 13 2.4 GHz / 4 to 8 at 5 GHz
Same removable battery as the Parrot Drone Bebop
1200mAh / 20C Li-Po battery 3 cells
Operating Time: 150 min Charging time
: between 60 and 90 minutes
Hardware& Software
Parrot P7 processor - Android 4.2.1
Linux - Cortex A9 clocked 800 MHz
370 x 230 x 190mm
1550 g incl. blinds
The bundle Package Contents

SkyController 1 Parrot 1 Parrot Drone BeBop

3 batteries, 1 charger with US / JP / UK / EU - / ANZ adapter
1 micro USB cable
two indoor propeller protectors

4 extra propellers 1 assembly tool propellers

1 neckband one awning ( with adapter for iPad Mini)
1 adapter for 7 ’’ tablets
1 Quick Start Guide